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ARB Sahara Front Bar - Land Cruiser 200 Series [3915050]

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Australia is a beautiful country filled with remote journeys and natural beauty that can kill you. Spiders? Definitely kill you. Those rocks? Yep. Kangaroos? You’re already dead. ARB builds purpose-built gear for purpose-driven customers. ARB's bumpers are not designed around looking tough (that's a byproduct) they're designed to protect your vehicle from animal strikes on road, provide better recovery points and winch installs, attach additional lights for night driving off-road, providing better clearance, and then being tough looking.

ARB?s Deluxe Bumper selection is our most extensive, with bumper and winch bumper options available for most models. Loaded with features aimed at making remote area travel safer, while providing a solid base on which to add other touring essentials such as driving lights, winches and CB antennas, no other bumper offers the same degree of vehicle integration, protection and functionality. Innovative features you can expect to find throughout the deluxe bumper range include all steel construction, split-pan design to facilitate air flow, fully engineered mounting systems and compatibility with modern vehicle safety features such as collision avoidance systems, parking sensors, and adaptive cruise control.

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