Deadman RUGGEDIZED Shackle Deadman Yellow Recovery Gear, Camping Gear Deadman Off-Road- Overland Kitted
Deadman RUGGEDIZED Shackle  Recovery Gear, Camping Gear Deadman Off-Road- Overland Kitted
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Deadman Off-Road

Deadman RUGGEDIZED Shackle

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The Deadman RUGGED Shackle is made in the USA and is exceptionally strong and has a tightly woven protective sheath that makes the shackle very abrasion resistant. Narrower, longer, and with a wider eye than similar rugged shackles, the Deadman RUGGED Shackle has been made to our standards based on real-world usage. 

Made with the same materials used in synthetic winch lines, this soft shackle has a minimum breaking strength of 43,500 lbs (WLL is 14,500).

We prefer soft shackles because they're stronger, safer, lighter, and easier to work with than their metal counterparts. By using soft shackles, we remove more metal from our winching system and thereby lessen the potential for serious harm in the event of a break.

Besides, these shackles match the Deadman's eyes.



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