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Leitner Designs

Load Bar Riser Kit for ACS Classic

Sale price$159.00
SKU: 00-CTBF-1116
The modularity and adaptability of the Leitner Design racks is pretty wild. But we also know you're gonna come up with some use cases where the stock rack height just won't do. So the Load Bar Riser Kit gives you 4" of additional height per load bar, so you can mount whatever, wherever.

These easy to install load bar brackets use your existing hardware and raise the height of the load bars by 4” over stock! Carrying long or flexible items on your Active Cargo System and are concerned that they will contact your cab? These brackets are for you.

· Easy install - Installs using the hardware that came with your ACS.
· Fitment - Only fits ACS Classic (Does not work on ACS Forged)
· Raises the rack 4” to a height of 27”
· Dual-stage powder coated steel
· Simple T-slot installation
· Weight: 7 lbs.

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