Silver Mounting Feet for Curved Roofs (AirStream)  Mounting Zamp Solar- Overland Kitted
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Zamp Solar

Silver Mounting Feet for Curved Roofs (AirStream)

Sale price$39.99
SKU: sku-17011810


Made in Bend, Oregon these mounting feet were specifically designed to fit the unique curvature of some RV roofs—most notably seen on Airstream trailers. These mounting feet are compatible with all of our OBSIDIAN® SERIES panels.

This mounting kit includes stainless steel screws and washers to attach your panel to the mounting feet.

This kit DOES NOT come with a base plate with threaded stud because of an incompatibility with the curved mounting surface. Due to the fact that every vehicle and application is different, these mounting feet do not include bolts or hardware to attach the mounting feet to your roof.

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