Remote Digital Display (RT1)  Charge Controller Zamp Solar- Overland Kitted
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Zamp Solar

Remote Digital Display (RT1)

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SKU: sku-17011786


Keep an eye on your batteries and power levels from your bedroom, office, or living space with our remote digital display. Its 23-foot wire mean it can be mounted anywhere inside your RV, boat, or cabin where it’s most visible and convenient for you.

This display provides all the same information as the charge controller—battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity (amps per hour), battery types, full charge, and system faults—and its colored LEDs indicate operational status and battery conditions.

*Compatible with 30-amp (ZS-30A), 40-amp (SCC1011), and 60-amp (ZS-60A) charge controllers. Comes included with 60-amp (ZS-60A) charge controller.

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