Nomad Tie Down Straps - Regular  Boxes & Bags Nomad Fox- Overland Kitted
Nomad Tie Down Straps - Regular  Boxes & Bags Nomad Fox- Overland Kitted
Nomad Tie Down Straps - Regular  Boxes & Bags Nomad Fox- Overland Kitted
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Nomad Fox

Nomad Tie Down Straps - Regular

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The Nomad Tie-Down Straps are made to securely hold the load in or on your vehicle, as an example our nomad storage boxes. Our straps should satisfy a wide range of different uses and security levels. The buckles grip very well and are coated to prevent rattles and scratches to your vehicle. As car roof straps, trailer straps, or motorcycle straps, they are the best tie-down car straps you can buy.


The Locking and Cabled Tie Down Strap is highly theft deterrent. The strap has three 1.5 mm. steel cables sewn into the strap. We’ve tested this strap repeatedly with a utility knife and were not able to do much damage to it. The grey buckle lock is made of impact resistant plastic and is rubberized for protection.

The Locking Tie Down Strap has the same locking buckle as our cabled version but in orange colour. This strap comes with our standard strap and is intended as an intermediate level theft deterrent. The advantage that the standard strap is that it is more flexible and manageable than the cabled version.

Our regular Tie Down Straps come with an orange rubber cover to prevent scratches and rattles.

For whom are the Nomad lashing straps intended?
The tie down straps are for anyone who needs to fix the load of their vehicle, both exterior and interior.

For which activities could these fastening straps be used?
They are for any activity required, being the security straps with locks the most suitable as theft- deterrent system. They are especially recommended for holding your more valuable equipment while practicing sports such as kayaking, cycling, camping, hunting and fishing, or holding a motorcycle in the trailer.

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