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Dometic CFX3 95DZ Cooler/Freezer

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This powerful mains-operated cooler offers even more space so that you can take all your favorite foods and drinks with you on every adventure. Its robust construction makes it ideal for outdoor use. With an app for mobile devices, you can control the functions of the Dometic CFX3 easily and conveniently. The two-zone storage compartments have independent temperature control to give you flexibility in their use.


• 93 litre capacity, dual zone, cooler that can be set as either a fridge or freezer.
• Easy-to-read, high-resolution, color display and soft-touch buttons enable seamless control and monitoring of cooler performance.
• USB port to charge your mobile devices or other gear.
• Wi-Fi/Bluetooth app to remotely control and monitor temperature from anywhere in your vehicle.
• Powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology efficiently refrigerates and deep-freezes, +20°C/68 to -22 °C/ -7.6 °F.
• Rugged, yet lightweight ExoFrame construction with impact-resistant edges and aluminum handles hands.
• 3-stage dynamic battery protection system prevents dead car batteries or allows deep draw on dual batteries.
• Includes removable basket to optimize storage.
• Features 100V or 240V AC mains and 12V or 24V DC connections.

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