Front Bumpers

Front Bumpers

Whether you're looking to add a winch, mount some lights, or more safely recover your vehicle with better recovery points, a front bumper can be an invaluable asset to an overland vehicle. When selecting a front bumper for your 4X4, it's important to consider what you're looking it to do—products like ARB's Deluxe and Summit bumper lines offer fantastic animal strike protection, but they will add more weight to your vehicle than some slimmer designs built for technical off-road driving. 

Regardless of your choice, it's important to select a quality product that won't end up causing more damage than it saves. A poorly-designed bumper won't have proper stand-off distance from the vehicle's body, which is essential for allowing the frame and chassis to flex, and also to provide a little bit of wiggle room if you end up in a collision—whether it's with a rock, animal, or another vehicle. Tight-fitting bumpers may best integrate with the vehicle's lines, but what's the point if it ends up bending your fender or breaking a grill with the slightest impact. 

We've done our best to select a range of front bumpers that will provide years of reliable service, based on our combined decades of overland travel experience. 

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