SJK Wheeler Lake | Sleeping Bag

SJK Wheeler Lake | Sleeping Bag

Old worn out sleeping bags are some of the most uncomfortable things on the planet. I know this because I’ve used the same sleeping bag for over ten years. That’s why I was extremely excited when SJK sent me their new Wheeler Lake sleeping bag to test out. It’s not a radical new product, but it does come with some great perks, especially if you are on the tall side.

The most important of these is the upright toe box, which accommodated my size 14 feet fit with room to spare. Being able to sleep on my back was a huge upgrade in itself. There’s nothing worse than having your toes bent into a fist all night long.


I carried the Wheeler Lake to Northwest Overland Rally (NWOR) this year, where the temperatures dropped down to the mid forties at night -not exactly freezing, but brisk nonetheless.

I should note that I opted for the +20* bag because I rarely camp when the temps drop below that.

As dictated by tradition, many folks were up late catching up on adventures and tossing back a few cold ones. As the sun set, the temperatures dropped rapidly and it got pretty cold -especially if you were caught outside in a pair of flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt … Okay, so maybe I was the minority, don’t judge me. After freezing my proverbial butt off for several hours, it was nice to crawl into a warm comfortable sleeping bag. Unlike my old bag where I had to wait for the fabric to warm up, the Wheeler Lake was warm as soon as I slid inside.

I had set up a Kodiak Canvas swag tent when I arrived earlier that day. Between the small tent and the Wheeler Lake, I was a little hot. I opened the bag up a little and vented the tent and slept comfortably until 9am the next day. Being a stay at home dad means that I rarely sleep past 6am, so imagine my surprise. In fact, if people weren’t congregating in my neighbor’s campsite for free coffee, I may have slept later.


After a few nights in the Wheeler Lake sleeping bag, I can say that it was warm, comfortable, and provided plenty of room for side or back sleeping positions. The hood converts the bag from rectangle-style to mummy. It never dropped low enough to sleep with the hood deployed, but it was easy to set up -even in the dark. Overall, this new sleeping bag is a great bargain considering the price point and available features.


SJK Wheeler Lake Sleeping Bag

Available in 0*, 20*, -20* temperature ratings

Pillow platform converts into hood for cold weather

Synthetic fill

Toes up footbox

Perception DS camo polyester taffeta lining

Fits campers up to 6’4”

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