Baja to Arctic Adventuremobile [video]

Baja to Arctic Adventuremobile [video]

There's no right way to build an overland rig. Just when we think the options have narrowed, a custom build such as Kat and Craig's Chevrolet Suburban pops up. Mechanically, the big 'Burban is mostly untouched.

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It's basically the standard Z71 4x4 as GM originally envisioned it in 2002. On the other hand, the inside has been completely transformed to allow for the adventurous couple to travel comfortably while exploring the backcountry. They are currently planning a trip from Baja to the Arctic. You can follow along on Kat's YouTube channel.





Check out Kat's beautiful photography on her website, Instagram, and follow her travels on her YouTube channel.



Special thanks to Kat Carney and Craig Kinsley for sharing their video.


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