This Expedition Camper Breaks all the Rules

This Expedition Camper Breaks all the Rules

If you follow our Instagram page, then you know how much we love gigantic expedition vehicles. These giant lumbering trucks allow travelers to carry many of the luxuries of home deep into the backcountry, or often times, to foreign countries. 

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Though these big rigs are quite capable on most terrain, all of this size does come at a cost. Particularly, maneuverability and access. Off camber roads and tight trails become a sort of roadblock. The trick is to find some sort of compromise between luxury and capability. The most obvious way is to start with a smaller vehicle, such as Basil Lynch's 2000 F-250 pictured above.

Though his truck could benefit from the lowered height provided by a pop-top, it still remains far less tip-happy than even the lightest Unimog camper. It also remains fully setup at all times. No latches to pop, electric motors to wind the top up, and no bed to make -it's literally ready to go as it sits. Which is priceless considering Basil currently lives in his truck full time.  

Overall, his truck "Bruce" is eleven feet tall and twenty one feet long -not bad considering my RAM 2500 is nineteen feet long stock. He purchased Bruce from a gentleman who built it to drive to Alaska, but ultimately decided on a smaller platform. It was completely built and included electricity, water filtration, propane, water heater and a fridge -essentially, much of the camper was already finished. The truck however, was virtually stock.

The F-250 is a bit of a gem. It had only rolled the odometer to 140,000 miles and came with the highly coveted 7.3 Powerstroke diesel, and 4WD of course. I guess some guys really do have all the luck.

You can find a full spec list and photos below.



Basil has tested his truck in all climates, including the blistering cold of Montana's winter. He reports that he enjoys watching the snowfall through the window in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt -thanks to the thermal properties of composite paneling.

180101_BasilLynch_Acuva_0001.jpg  180101_BasilLynch_Acuva_0002.jpg

The living space looks more like a luxury tiny house than the typical expedition camper.

The living space looks more like a luxury tiny house than the typical expedition camper.

180120_BasilLynch_GliderPort_0004.jpg  180120_BasilLynch_GliderPort_0009.jpg

Truck Specs:

  • 2000 Ford F250 7.3l Diesel 4x4 access cab short bed 144k miles (01/20/18)
  • Yokohama Tire Geolandar AT G015’s in a 315/75r16
  • Custom rear progressive leaf pack and a HD leaf pack out of a F550 for the front
  • Bilstein 5160 shocks with heavy valving on all corners
  • Bilstein Steering Stabilizer
  • 4” Magnaflow Exhaust system
  • S&B Cold air intake
  • DieselSite Coolant filtration system
  • Gearhead Automotive Hydra chip
  • Edge Insight CTSII digital gauges
  • Kenwood TM-D710 dual band radio
  • iPad Mini on Ram mount cradle
  • ICON extended track bar
  • RedHead Steering gearbox
  • Buckstop Bumpers Outback bumper
  • WARN 16.5ti-s winch
  • Rigid Industries Lights (50” SR Spot, 3x Q-series, 4x D-series amber wide)
  • Switch Pros 8100 system
  • Goal Zero boulder 100 solar panel

Camper Specs:

  • Maxxair Deluxe fan
  • Camp Lux hot water heater
  • Acuva water purification system
  • Propex HS2211 heater
  • 300w solar panel
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1400 lithium power pack
  • Dual 7 gallon interior water tanks
  • Interior designed by my mom
  • Side loading fridge
  • Outer Limit Supply Expedition first aid kit
  • Indoor/Outdoor thermometer
  • Custom made live edge wood table on a Lagun mount
  • 2 sets of Maxtrax on custom L-track mount
  • WeBoost Cell Phone Booster

Build Partners:

To see more of this truck, and some spectacular photography, visit:

You can also follow Basil's travels on Instagram.

Images Courtesy of Basil Lynch

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