Long Term Review: Decked Drawers Truck Bed Storage Solution

Long Term Review: Decked Drawers Truck Bed Storage Solution

If you were to ask me the one product I couldn’t live without on my 2010 Tundra Rock Warrior, I would simply explain the Decked Drawer system..

If you were to ask me the one product I couldn’t live without on my 2010 Tundra Rock Warrior, I would simply explain the Decked Drawer system. 

After spending a year with these drawers, I’ve grown quite attached for many reasons. Reasons like its robust build qualities, absolutely dust-proof construction, water tight designs, and the extra organization  added to my life. Manufactured here in the U.S.A., Decked maintains a high standard with their designs. Decked now has almost every domestic truck model supported within their catalog utilizing the truck’s OEM tie down points.

So why exactly did I choose the Decked drawers? I guess the back story is quite simple.. After a few years owning my Mitsubishi Montero, I knew I wanted a much more robust gear storage solution. I had gone through multiple iterations of the Montero’s interior buildout, yet was never fully satisfied with my own DIY craftsmanship. No matter how well I built drawers on my own, they always seemed to rattle both on and off-road, along with the fact there was no sure way I could trust them against the elements. So, as fate would have it, Decked drawers were the only option that fit my criteria. 

What exactly is it like to install a new set of Decked drawers? Simply put, it’s actually a breeze with the included comprehensive install guide that clearly lays out the build process. Budget a solid 2-3 hours of time if you’re like me and tend to go slow your on installs. You’ll be dialed in with your new drawers!

For those with truck’s already utilizing bed stiffeners, you can easily notch away the top panel of your drawers to accommodate a perfect and clean fit of both drawers and bed stiffeners. 

Now with the toughest drawers in the market installed in the back of the Tundra, I had one thing left to do.. Fill them with allllll of the gear I bring along on my adventures. With 2x deep drawers and 4x “Ammo Cans”, there is no shortage of space. Personally, I use one of the massive drawers in my 6.5’ bed for tools and the other for any camp needs. With a 200lb capacity per drawer, there’s really no way you will ever fully max out their limits. I keep everything from my tool roll, air compressor, impact and other power tools, all the way to camp chairs and camp cooking needs neatly stowed within these drawers. As for the appropriately named “Ammo Cans”, I tend to keep things like ratchet straps and tie downs for easy access when needed. 

One simply can’t talk about filling their Decked drawers without mentioning the included D-Box storage boxes and other accessories you receive with your new drawers. With each purchase of Decked drawers, you receive an array of additional storage boxes that somewhat resemble a tackle box. These “D-Boxes” are the perfect solution for organizing your loose ends like camp cooking needs or even tools. Decked also includes multiple “Trays” that snugly fit into your drawers. These currently hold various tools I frequently grab and are conveniently placed at the beginning of my drawers.

After countless off-road miles, all I can say is that these drawers are TOUGH. Decked drawers are built using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with an added UV enhancer. This means you can count on the integrity of your drawers continuously to not weather in constant sun over time. Miles and miles of hard driving have shown next to no wear and tear on this system. 


  • Weatherproof design
  • Fitment for almost any domestic truck
  • Extremely tough for every day use
  • Lockable design


  • Slightly heavy at 230lbs
  • Bottom of drawer design may make some items fit in awkwardly like 2x burner stoves

So who are these drawers for? Decked drawers are the perfect solution for just about anyone looking for an organization system that can weather the elements and last the test of time. Whether you’re in the trades using your truck daily on job sites, using your truck for touring and need your gear securely stowed under your exposed bed rack, or are like myself and love the idea of additional storage inside your truck’s camper that you can sleep on, these Decked drawers are an option I would strongly consider. 

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