GaZell JK Camper | French Perfection

GaZell JK Camper | French Perfection

Unlike the Ursa Minor J30 which only replaces the factory Jeep top, the GaZell is a different animal altogether. GaZell has designed a complete camper around the JK platform. Much of this is achieved by adding 38 cm to the rear of the Jeep. This creates the space necessary for two bench seats, a table, and a number of high quality cabinets. The kit is completely a bolt on affair with no cutting or drilling required. 

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This camper was made possible through the collaboration of BBF GaZell and AEV (no, not that AEV) Altitude Expert Vehicles. There are three interior arrangements including two, three, and four bed units. Depending on configuration, you can have a kitchen, two bench seats, a table and toilet. The pop top contains the sleeping platform and only adds nine centimeters to the Jeep's overall height.

According to GaZell, the whole package adds a scant 90-180 kg to the curb weight of the donor vehicle -that doesn't seem realistic, but we have no way of verifying this. Whether this is true or not, the build quality appears to be top notch. Check out the photos and videos below.

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Specs from GaZell:

The GaZell for Jeep WRANGLER JK is available in 3 levels of FINISH  (Evolution, Any Road, Grand Raid).



• 100% one-piece molded hard top in reinforced polyester

• 100% monobloc molded rear extension in reinforced polyester

• Retractable ladder for on-board access

• 10 mm reinforced insulation under the tilting roof

• Lifting roof supported by gas cylinders

• Waterproof roof cover 3 windows with shutter and 2 screens

• Original Jeep JK rear door

location • Bezel location rear Jeep JK (up to 2011 model, narrow bezel)

• Support plateregistration European format


• Interior finish with light beige covering of the roof and vertical parts

• Molded polyester kitchen worktop, very easy to clean

• Storage space at the rear end on extension

• Storage under the floor

• 1 folding bed with 120 x 200 napkin slats cm


• Molded sink with integrated drainer in kitchen worktop with drainage


In addition to the "EVOLUTION" finish


• 2 molded polyester

seats with large storage box • 4 cm BULTEX mattress with cover washable for benches and bed in nasturtium

• Removable table and swivel on tubular

stand "GRAND RAID"

In addition to the finish "ANY PATH"


• Storage with lockable cupboard doors, in "DIBON" (very light and very resistant) type "AEV" with 2 benches and mattresses (BULTEX 4cm) with fabric covers on the 2 chests storage, fridge 40 liters and toilet.


• Submerged electric water pump with hand shower

• Clean water tank 48L (3 jericans 16 liters)


• Lengthening the floor: 38 cm

• Height under roof closed: 114 cm

• Height under roof open: 180 at 210 cm

• Extra height Original Jeep: + 9 cm • Overall

width: Original Jeep

• Overall length Origin Jeep: + 38 cm

• Additional weight Original Jeep empty: from 80 kg to 180 kg depending on the version

For more information on GaZell Campers visit:

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