Expedition Earth | 'Round the World in a Rubicon

Expedition Earth | 'Round the World in a Rubicon

We are now 5 months into our 2.5 year overland expedition, covering 350,000km through 70 countries, over 6 continents. We started in -30C, deep within the arctic of Alaska. Since then we have crossed 45C deserts, to lush rainforests, to Caribbean beaches. We now sit in the mountains of Peru, aiming to reach the south of Argentina by the end of this year.

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Gunther, our Jeep, will be shipped to Africa over New Years, ready for our journey north by the end of January 2019. Next year we will navigate our way up the Eastern side of Africa, north through Europe to Iceland (shipping again) and then over to the far northern reaches of Norway. By the start of 2020 we aim to be in Russia, ready to head south to New Zealand; our finish line.

We have loved every moment of our expedition so far, yet we can't wait for what is to come! In Bolivia we will be navigating the world highest road, where we will need oxygen tanks to cross. In Russia we will spend 4 days in -50C climbing up a frozen river in Gunther, to reach the top of Yamal peninsular.

It's been addictive kitting Gunther out for the expedition, and a very expensive addiction!! However, his insides are still very basic, in full factory settings. We are thinking of taking out the two back seats when we reach Africa to allow for extra space and then customise the inside. When we started the expedition neither of us had ever overlanded, so it's only now we are staring to understand what we want and need for the remaining 2 years.

Our journey is known as Expedition Earth. We are Topher, Bridget and Gunther.

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Learn more about Expedition Earth by visiting: www.expeditionearth.live

Or follow them on Instagram @expeditionearth.live

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