The History of MAXTRAX

The History of MAXTRAX

Founded in 2007 by Brad McCarthy in Brisbane, Australia, MAXTRAX was created to provide a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use solution for off-road vehicle recovery. The first MAXTRAX product, known as the MAXTRAX MKI, used a proprietary blend of UV-stabilized, engineering-grade nylon and it was designed it to be stackable, easy to carry, and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

The idea for MAXTRAX originated with Brad McCarthy, one of the founders of the company. According to McCarthy, he was driving on a beach in Far North Queensland, Australia when he became stuck in the sand. As the tide was coming in, McCarthy realized that he needed a quick and easy way to get his vehicle out of the sand. This experience inspired him to create a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use recovery tool that could be used in a variety of off-road situations.

The initial popularity of MAXTRAX in Australia was fueled by positive reviews from magazines such as "Australian Off-Road Magazine" and "4WD Touring Australia." One review in Australian Off-Road Magazine described the MAXTRAX MKI as "a game-changer for anyone traveling off the beaten track." Another review in 4WD Touring Australia praised the product for its durability and versatility, stating that it "could be a lifesaver in a tricky recovery situation."

Since its inception, MAXTRAX has continued to innovate and expand its product line. In addition to the original MAXTRAX MKI product, the company has also developed several other products, including:


The MAXTRAX MKII is a military-grade version of the MAXTRAX product, designed specifically for use by military and rescue organizations. It features a stronger, more durable design and additional features such as built-in tie-down points with a keyhole design. At the same time that the MAXTRAX MKII was launched, a specific MAXTRAX mounting pin was also created to make mounting the recovery tracks to roof racks and other surfaces easier.


The MAXTRAX XTREME is a heavy-duty version of the MAXTRAX product, designed for use in extreme off-road conditions. It features a reinforced design and metal teeth for increased traction and additional features such as built-in shovels and a central lifting point for helicopter recovery.


The MAXTRAX Mini is a compact version of the MAXTRAX product, designed for use on smaller vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs. It features a lightweight, portable design and is ideal for use in tight or confined spaces.

In 2016, the brand was relaunched in the United States by Adventure Imports, owned by automotive journalist Matthew Scott. Since then, MAXTRAX has become a well-known and trusted brand in the off-road community, with a strong presence in both the Australian and international markets. Its success can be attributed to the company's commitment to producing high-quality, reliable recovery products that have helped countless off-road enthusiasts get back on the trail.

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