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Written By: Caleb Wallace

June 20, 2023

Erin and Tyler, proprietors of Hiatus Campers (briefly called Rogue Campers) met while attending the University of Washington. After graduating, the couple decided to take a much needed brake to travel around BC and the West coast. Like many folks, they started out with a traditional truck cap and drawer system. After a rainy Autumn season, they grew tired of cramped interior and dreamed up plans to make a pop up truck camper.

You can still see the original camper being used on their personal Instagram account: @get.the.truck.out.

This camper took them on the long trip from Seattle to Central Mexico and is still in service today. Of course, after spending so much time with their custom unit, they decided to make some changes. These changes would eventually lead to their first full production model and a new business.


The top section is approximately 8” when closed and can be raised by one person in under 30 seconds, thanks to the assistance of four large gas struts. The rear entryway can be optioned out with either barn doors (pictured above) or a single vertical door that closes against the truck’s tailgate. The exterior can be fitted with a number of option including awnings, propane tanks, or fuel cans to name a few. There is a hatch  on the driver side to access items inside the camper without having to climb in. This also allows for a ton of fresh air to enter the camper, and a great way to take in the views from camp.

All exterior panels are insulated with a closed cell composite material which helps keep the interior warm and dry, regardless of the weather. By combining lightweight composite and aluminum materials, the camper weight remains just under 400 lbs for the midsize unit, and just under 500 lbs for the full size version.

The interior can either be left empty for the customer to fit out themselves, or fully customized to meet the specific needs of the individual. Lead times for just the shell are approximately 5-7 weeks with custom cabinetry adding additional time depending on the complexity of the build. Prices for the empty shell starts at just south of $12,000 for the midsize model.

If you need extra space inside the truck bed area, the sliding door cabinets on the passenger side (top left in photo above) can collapse flat in a matter of seconds, with the doors nesting inside.

(Above )Here is a shot of the cabinets collapsed to make more room for bikes, small motorcycles or surfboards.

The front section has room for a small table for eating and can double as a desk for you workaholics out there. The attic is a great place to sit and relax while your partner cooks, changes clothes or moves around the camper. It’s also an excellent spot to settle in with your favorite book after a long day of hiking or surfing. Here you can see the optional Fantastic Fan on the ceiling.

When it comes time to pass out, the base of the bed slides out creating a 50” x 74” mattress, full size truck models are slightly larger.


Overall, the Hiatus Camper looks to be an absolute knockout. The price places it between a GFC, Vagabond Drifter or an AT Summit, and a Four Wheel Camper. Their ace in the hole lies in the hard side pop top, something that’s absent in the rest of the market. The layout of the windows, barn doors and side hatch really help the Hiatus to feel open and more connected the outdoors, and provides a solid base to outfit the camper in a number of interesting ways. It appears as though Erin and Tyler are really on to something here!

To learn more about Hiatus Campers, visit www.hiatuscampers.com

Images by Hiatus Campers


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