Stock to Off-Road Ready: Upgrading Our Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

Written By: Caleb Wallace

September 20, 2023

First on our list was solving our truck’s storage dilemma. With a massive 6.5′ bed, we knew we needed to find a way to stow our gear and keep it at the ready for any adventure. Our criteria: dust-proof, secure, and a bomber design for any terrain we would throw at the truck. Landing on the DECKED Drawer System, we couldn’t be any happier. Installation on these drawers was a breeze, and with a little trimming of the top plate, the drawers even work with our Total Chaos Bed Stiffeners. DECKED’s drawers are made right here in the U.S.A., feature massive amounts of storage, are dust-proof, and have held up to multiple rainstorms along with trips through the car wash.

Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior DECKED Drawer System Offroad

With the ultimate storage solution from DECKED installed, mounting our MAXTRAX was next on the list. Seeing the perfect opportunity to utilize the Tundra’s factory bed rail system, we installed the all-new Overland Kitted Bed Rail MAXTRAX Mounting System. Featuring components designed and manufactured locally in Arizona, this system has allowed us to carry two sets of MAXTRAX with us at all times. We love how the kit’s Flat MAXTRAX Mounting Bars feature additional mounting slots which allow us to adjust the height of our MAXTRAX for our truck’s DECKED Drawer System.

You can read more about our installation of the Overland Kitted Bed Rail MAXTRAX Mounting System here.

Toyota Tundra Overland Kitted MAXTRAX Bed Rail Mounting System

Being over 10 years old now, the Tundra was due for a headlight swap. Opting for era-appropriate plans, we picked up a brand new set of OEM headlight housings from our local Toyota dealer. These headlights now perform perfectly and even feature beam level adjusting for towing heavy loads.

As we already knew, the truck came with a 2″ leveling kit and blown shocks on all four corners. Well, it’s now time for an appropriate suspension kit that would increase performance, comfort, and handling. So here’s what we chose:

  • King 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilovers – 25001-143-EXT
  • King 2.5 Remote Rear Shocks – 25001-144
  • Deaver 3 Leaf Overload Add-A-Leaf – F85 / 85165
  • Total Chaos Uniball UCAs – 87500
  • Total Chaos Spindle Gusset Kit – 59699
  • Toyota OEM LCAs – 48068-09100 / 48069-09090
Toyota Tundra Suspension Components From King Shocks, Total Chaos, and Deaver

With the front end apart, we had ample time to look over all components during our install. Deciding it seemed only right that we gusset the spindles, we headed over to our friends at Summit 4×4 Company. Beefing up the factory spindles with the Total Chaos Spindle Gusset Kit was preventive maintenance for premature spindle failure down the road. Along with the new suspension components, we refreshed the brakes with rotors and pads and also threw in new CV axles.

Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Front Suspension Component Install Featuring King 2.5 Coilovers, Total Chaos UCAs, TC Spindle Gusset Kit.
Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Front Suspension Component Install Featuring King 2.5 Shocks and Deaver Add A Leaf Kit

An initial test of our newly upgraded components yielded fantastic results. As we expected, the Tundra now felt planted through rough terrain, comfortable on-road, and had increased performance beyond our expectations.

Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Testing New Overland Kitted Bed Rail MAXTRAX Mounts

We’ve got some more exciting upgrades on the way, but for now, we can’t wait to enjoy all the new additions to our 2010 Toyota Tundra.


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