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Rhino Rack

Rhino Rack Universal Awning Bracket Kit

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SKU: 31111
The Rhino Rack offering of platforms is ridiculously adaptable and cool. The Rhino Rack awnings are just as awesome. Imagine taking each of those and combining it to make for the ultimate way to pack your gear and stay cool in the shade? It's crazy, we know! Well the Rhino Rack Universal Awning Bracket Kit accomplishes that mashup, letting you mount Rhino Rack awnings (and other brands if that's how you roll) with the Rhino Rack roof top platform offerings!

The Universal Awning Bracket Kit has been designed to fit Rhino-Rack Sunseeker and also non Rhino-Rack awnings to the Rhino-Rack Vortex, Heavy Duty Bars, Pioneer Platform and Pioneer Elevation. This product is easy to install; just slide the brackets into the cross bar channel and attach your awning. Made from 5 Millimeter mild steel and finished with zinc plating and powder coated black the Universal Awning Bracket Kit is strong, reliable and corrosion resistant.

• Made From 5 Millimeter Mild Steel
• Surface Is Finished With Zinc Plating And Powder Coated Black So It Won't Corrode
• Slide The Brackets Into The Cross Bar Channel And Attach Your Awning
• Easy To Install
• Limited 3 Year Warranty

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