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Factor 55

Factor 55 Ultimate Recovery Bag [Large]

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You’ve got the gear, you’re now stuck, it’s your time to shine! Is that your recovery gear in a grocery bag? No, this simply will not do! Get all your gear in one well-built place with the Factor 55 Ultimate Recovery bag. You deserve it!

The Factor 55 Ultimate Recovery Bag has been custom designed to hold Factor 55 recovery equipment in one accessible place. The interior is large enough to easily contain our 30′ x 7/8″ Kinetic Energy Rope, 8′ Tree Saver, Shorty Strap II, and Shorty Strap III. In addition, the bag features two large outside zipper compartments, large enough to hold our 30′ x 2″ Extreme Duty Tow Strap and other accessories. Seven interior stash pockets hold shackles, pulleys, gloves, Fast Fid, etc. The bag also retains space for winch line extensions and multiple other pieces of rigging. Large Velcro strips are featured on both sides of the bag for placement of Velcro-backed patches.

No vehicle recovery is the same. Some recoveries are simple, while others are more complicated. So we’ve designed a Large Recovery Bag to be versatile, functional, and incredibly durable to last a lifetime of harsh conditions. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with 1500 denier ballistic Cordura. The 2-inch MILSPEC riggers’ webbing completely wraps around the bottom of the bag adding an additional layer of strength and support. Heavy Duty powder coated steel rings are stitched on both sides to attach a wide variety of shoulder straps (not included). Featuring Heavy Duty YKK Zippers, each knotted with 550 Paracord, offer a longer gripping surface for ease of opening and closing the bag. Once the bag is unzipped it retains its large shape allowing easy access to all interior components. The interior is reinforced Cordura and edged with binding tape. The 1000 denier blaze orange interior Cordura is perfect for readily finding all components of your recovery gear, even in low-light conditions.

Once packed, the bag retains a rectangular shape for easy storage and will nest neatly with your other gear. A bag built to last a lifetime. MADE IN THE USA.

21 in. Long x 14 in. High x 12 in. Wide (approx.)
12 oz Canvak Waxed Canvas
1500d Ballistic Cordura Bottom
1000d Cordura Interior
Heavy Duty YKK Zippers, each knotted with 550 Paracord
MILSPEC 2-in Polypropylene Webbing, aka Riggers’ Webbing (XL)
MILSPEC High-Tensile Nylon Thread
MILSPEC Binding Tape
All Seams Taped with Heavy-Duty Nylon Binding Tape
All Seams and Stress Points Bar-Tacked
Heady Duty powder coated steel rings for shoulder strap (not included)
Rectangular shape- stows neatly with other gear
Hand-Sewn and Made In U.S.A.
All Components Sourced in the U.S.A.

Waxed Canvas Care

Waxed canvas is a high quality and versatile material. It is one of our favorite materials due to its ability to hold up to tough jobs and extreme weather conditions. Because waxed canvas gear is meant for rugged use it will become soiled over time. (Although one of the best features of waxed canvas is the patina it develops over a lifetime of enduring abrasive conditions.) When cared for properly, it will last for many decades.

If your Recovery Bag becomes particularly mucky please follow these tips for maintaining its unique patina:

If the waxed canvas is wet, first allow the soiled area dry. Once it has dried thoroughly, use a soft brush to gently brush away the soil/dirt from the canvas. Oily substances will simply become a part of the material. There is no good way to clean oil from waxed canvas without damaging the wax, and thus ruining the water resistance. Harsh cleaners will permanently damage the canvas.

After extended use, waxed canvas gear may require re-waxing. Simply apply a layer of high-quality wax. We recommend Otter Wax and Martexin Wax. Apply gentle heat until the wax soaks in. Please do not use anything hotter than a blow-dryer or direct sunlight.

DO NOT use detergent

DO NOT wash in a washing machine

DO NOT use harsh solvents or other harsh cleaning substances

DO NOT dry clean

The Scent of Waxed Canvas

What causes the scent? The paraffin wax that infuses the canvas gives it many of its great characteristics including its durable, leather-like feel, water-resistance, and unique scent.

When you receive your new bag, the fresh paraffin in the canvas may still be slightly damp. Once the wax dries completely, which doesn’t take long, the scent virtually disappears. If you wish to speed the wax drying process, simply leave the gear out in the open, unfolded, preferably in sunlight. A few days or so of drying in this manner dries the wax to its final state.

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