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REDARC Encapsulated Protection Device

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The new REDARC Tow-Pro Encapsulated Protection Device is used in modern vehicles equipped with Can Bus systems, driver aids and Advanced Safety Systems (e.g. Adaptive Cruise Control, Assisted Emergency Braking and Autonomous Emergency Braking). It has been designed to fit in the trailer stop lamp feed to support the installation of the Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller on vehicles where ‘back-feed’ of 12 Volt (during Tow-Pro Manual Override) may interfere with vehicle systems. It ensures correct Trailer braking and Stop Lamp operation when the vehicle brakes or the Tow-Pro Manual Override is used. It is suitable for General Purpose use and rated at 7 Amps for both 12 and 24 Volt applications. It is totally encapsulated with sealed connections. It is also capable of supporting a maximum 7 Amps at a maximum ambient temperature of 85 Degree Celsius and 185 degree Fahrenheit. The Tow-Pro Elite is the most innovative brake controller on the market, with industry-leading selectable modes of braking, ‘Proportional’ for everyday towing and ‘User-controlled’ for all-terrain driving.

• Encapsulated Protection Device is Used In Modern Vehicles Equipped With Can Bus Systems, • Driver Aids And Advanced Safety Systems
• Designed To Fit In The Trailer Stop Lamp Feed To Support The Installation
• Brake Controller On Vehicles Where ‘back-Feed’ Of 12 Volt May Interfere With Vehicle Systems
• Suitable For General Purpose Use And Rated At 7 Amps For Both 12 And 24 Volt Applications
• Limited 2 Year Warranty

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