Timbren Ford Super Duty 17+ SES - Rear [FR250SDJ]   Timbren- Overland Kitted
Timbren Ford Super Duty 17+ SES - Rear [FR250SDJ]   Timbren- Overland Kitted
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Timbren Ford Super Duty 17+ SES - Rear [FR250SDJ]

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Unstable loads while towing and hauling don’t just make for an uncomfortable ride. Difficult handling, rear sag, and corner sway create dangerous driving conditions — for you, your passengers, and other vehicles.

Whether you’re towing your RV across the country or hauling hay down the highway, our Timbren SES kits level your load, making for a safe, controlled ride so smooth, you might forget you’re towing altogether.

How? Our Aeon® rubber springs deliver a progressive spring rate. As load increases, our rubber springs push back harder, eliminating squat, sway, and roll. After installation, there should be a ½” to 1 ½” gap between the rubber spring and vehicle’s frame — meaning you’ll enjoy a comfortable unloaded ride, too.

What makes Timbren SES kits different from other suspension enhancement systems? Unlike air bags, our kits require zero post-installation maintenance. And unlike other systems, you can install and haul in under 30 minutes, right from your driveway.


• Reduces sag, sway, and roll when towing and hauling
• Comfortable ride, loaded or unloaded
• DIY installation
• Zero post-installation maintenance

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