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Roof Top Tent Cover Strap Set

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We’re fairly sure your vehicle has a roof…are overland convertibles a thing yet? We digress. Eezi-Awn has been synonymous with roof racks, bars, tents, awnings, you name it, for the past 4 decades. And for good reason. For example; the Roof Top Tent Cover Strap Set. Because when not in use you'll want to keep everything tight and organized, unlike our life, come on get it together, sorry...that's our bad...

    When your Eezi-Awn Tent is not in use, you'll need to store it away inside its cover. These Cover Straps are simple, but effective. Made from black webbing with a free moving male buckle component that is compatible with the female buckle components sewn into the cover, these base straps are essential to ratcheting down your cover securely.

    This set includes:

    (4) Base Straps (2 for each side of the cover)
    Mounting Hardware

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