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WaterPORT Pump Cap

Sale price$38.99
SKU: WX2000

This handy accessory replaces the stock fill cap on your Day Tank and allows you to easily add pressure when on the road. Less than 30 seconds of pumping will bring your tank up to the optimal P.S.I. and have you cleaning, showering, spraying, or doing whatever needs to be done with the Day Tank.

• Helps To Fill Quickly And Gets To The Correct PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) Automatically
• Replaces The Stock Fill Cap On Your Day Tank And Allows You To Easily Add Pressure When On The Road
• Less Than 30 Second Of Pumping Will Bring Your Tank Up To The Optimal PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)
• The Pump Cap Does Also Work On The Weekender Tank, And It Comes Included With The Gospout Tank
• Limited 90 Day Supplier Warranty

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