LP Aventure 2019+ Subaru Forester Main Skid Plate  Off-Road & All-Terrain Vehicle Protective Gear LP Aventure- Adventure Imports
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LP Aventure

LP Aventure 2019+ Subaru Forester Main Skid Plate

Sale price$445.00

An essential upgrade for anyone planning to take their 2019+ Subaru Forester off-road. 

• Aluminum construction of a 3/16 "thick.
It provides great protection to the vital components that are under the car.
• Oil Holes
To facilitate yours oil changes
• The LP Aventure Skid Plate is compatible with the LP Aventure bumper guards.
• You must have a LP Aventure bumper guard to install this skid plate.
We found that there were no strong points of attachment below the Forester to fix the skid plate directly to it. The LP Aventure bumper guards allow you to install the skid plate securely and offer maximum protection.

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