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National Luna Intelligent Solenoid

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We’re obviously fans of being ‘off-grid’ but look, straight up, we like having electricity. Giver of warmth, light, occasional shocks, but also something that lets you be off-road without being in the stone age. National Luna has long been creating electrical systems to keep you powered, wherever you go. The Intelligent Solenoid is the brains of the dual-battery operation. We highly recommend pairing this with the dual-battery controller for ease of monitoring and control.

The National Luna Intelligent Solenoid is the brains behind adual battery management system. It manages the charging and isolation of your batteries automatically, and can be installed with no modification to your vehicle's factory wiring system.

We highly recommend adding a Dual Battery Controller to any purchase of an Intelligent Solenoid. It is an optional accessory (sold separately) that mounts to your dashboard to show the charge and storage status of your Intelligent Solenoid. The Dual Battery Controller also features an override option if an AUX battery is needed for restarting purposes.

For more information about Split Charger Systems and Installation, download the manual.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that this item works seamlessly with the Dual Battery Controller, but is NOT compatible with the Dual Battery Monitor.

Dimensions: 5" L x 5" W x 3" H | 125mm L x 125mm W x 75mm H
Weight: 1.25 lbs | 0.5 kg
Power Supply: 8Vdc - 15Vdc (Display Range Only : 11.4V - 14.2V)
Power Consumption (Average): 40mA (On Standby)
Power Consumption (Max): 780mA (When Solenoid Is Engaged)
Switched Current (Continuous): 85 amp
Switched Current (Peak): 400 amp

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