fifteen52 Metrix MX 17x8" Frosted Graphite Wheels fifteen52- Adventure Imports
fifteen52 Metrix MX 17x8" Bronze Wheels fifteen52- Adventure Imports
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fifteen52 Metrix MX 17x8"

Sale price$295.00
SKU: MMXBB-78058+38
Bolt Pattern & Offset:

Bolt Pattern & Offset


The hardest decision you’ll make in your adult life is choosing which wheels to put on your vehicle. This is a proven, verifiable, scientific fact. No pressure! With that said, Fifteen52 has been building wheels that balance style, and function, since 1986 to create some of the best options for whatever you’re off-roading.

With growing interest and demand for more adventure inspired CUV wheels, Fifteen52 took to the design studio and created another CUV/SUV design in the MX Family. The Metrix MX combines elements from different use cases while keeping to the ethos of Fifteen52. With twelve shortened spokes, a detailed deep lug bowl, and a recessed valve stem – the Metrix MX provides great strength and protection on the trail without compromising design. Here’s to new adventures.

• Available in 17"
• Current bolt patterns: 5x112, 5x114.3, 5x108 and 5x100
• Popular vehicle fitments: Volkswagen Atlas, Subaru Outback and Forester, Bronco Sport, Toyota RAV4 and many more

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