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ARB Intensity Solis 21 (Flood / Driving) [SJB21F]

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Australia is a beautiful country filled with remote journeys and natural beauty that can kill you. Spiders? Definitely kill you. Those rocks? Yep. Kangaroos? You’re already dead. ARB builds purpose-built gear for purpose-driven customers. ARB has long been a market-leader in off-road lights for customers who rely on avoiding perils in the night. Their Intensity line-up combines ARB quality with LED ingenuity.

Filled with features, Intensity Solis LED driving lights are available in two great sizes, with a 9-inch (36 LED) and 7-inch (21 LED) option. Both sizes have an option for either Spot or Flood beam, and all lights come with interchangeable red and black die-cast side bezels. New to the Intensity range is the Solis’ 5-stage dimmability function, while the introduction of a highly tuned single-piece reflector and 165 watts of OSRAM LED performance bring it to the top of the class in light output.

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