ARB Touring Aluminum Awning Black w/ Light (8.2' x 8.2') [814412A]  Awnings ARB- Adventure Imports
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ARB Touring Aluminum Awning Black w/ Light (8.2' x 8.2') [814412A]

Sale price$686.00
SKU: 814412A

Australia is a beautiful country filled with remote journeys and natural beauty that can kill you. Spiders? Definitely kill you. Those rocks? Yep. Kangaroos? You’re already dead. ARB builds purpose-built gear for purpose-driven customers. Constantly doing battle with the elements? Is your nemesis the sun? The ARB Awning is one of the classic piece of overland gear to be made in the shade. Durable, easy to deploy, and versatile. Easily mountable to almost any vehicle.

Specifically designed for harsh wilderness conditions, the awnings anodized height adjustable telescopic legs, Velcro Ties to secure roof, thick reinforced aluminum extrusions all secured and free from the outside elements in a heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC bag. Attaching neatly to most vehicles, these self-standing retractable awnings fit onto the side of most roof racks and roof bars and are conveniently stored for immediate use on arrival.

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