K470 Aluminum Case [40678]  Storage & Organization Zarges- Adventure Imports
K470 Aluminum Case [40678]  Storage & Organization Zarges- Adventure Imports
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K470 Aluminum Case [40678]

Sale price$412.00
SKU: 40678

The ZARGES K470 aluminum shipping and storage case provides perfect protection, even under the most extreme conditions. The K470 is ATA 300 approved, lightweight, rugged, and dust and water-resistant. Its durable construction provides optimal protection for any contents and is available in 26 standard sizes. Options include UN Certification for HazMat transport, IP 65 protection, a family of accessories, foam, and custom fabrication.

    • More than two dozen standard sizes
    • Cast-aluminum stacking corners
    • High level of stability due to three fully-welded aluminum profile frames
    • Riveted joints, beading all round and corner beads for additional dimensional stability
    • IP 54 standard, IP 65 class protection against water jets available
    • Several IGBC-certified sizes
    • Integrated snap fasteners: may be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, spring anti-opening feature, or a padlock (max. shackle thickness 6 mm)

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