Timbren Active Off-Road Bump Stops #ABSTORSEQ [Rear Kit]
Timbren Active Off-Road Bump Stops #ABSTORSEQ [Rear Kit]
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Timbren Active Off-Road Bump Stops #ABSTORSEQ [Rear Kit]

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Active Off-Road Bumpstops provide off-road enthusiasts greater control over their vehicles’ suspension travel. Using progressive-rate springs means that instead of a hard stop at the end of axle travel the axle energy will be absorbed when bottoming-out producing smooth, predictable and quiet axle engagement and disengagement.


Unlike OEM bump stops, Active Off-Road Bumpstops are made from natural rubber. Just like our Timbren SES line, Active Off-Road Bumpstops carry a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

ABSTORSEQ replaces the rear OEM bump stops on the 2003-2021 Toyota 4Runner, the 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series. Upgrade to Active Off-road Bumpstops and experience the difference.

• Maintain Full Axle Travel
• Smooth Axle Engagement and Disengagement
• Enhance Suspension Performance
• Progressive Spring Rate
• Absorbs Energy and Cushions Road Shocks
• Stronger Than OEM Bump stops
• Easy Installation
• Satisfaction Guarantee
• Lifetime Warranty

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