Outlaw Xpeditions Overland Video Series

Follow along as Outlaw Xpeditions attempts to be the first group to complete the Oregon Trail in a four wheel drive vehicle. In this video series, OX proves that you don't need a big budget to explore new overland routes. 

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Life is an adventure. Every overland expedition through the course of history has had unexpected problems that one must overcome in order to complete the journey. In this episode OX Overland faces their first big reroute only to stumble upon one of the coolest pieces of history they have ever encountered.

— Outlaw Xpeditions


Adventure means being able to embrace change and adapt to your current environment. In this episode OX Overland runs head on with a situation that splits the team early and teaches the team what the Oregon Trail Pioneers faced along their journey over 150 years ago.

— Outlaw Xpeditions


No matter how much prep or planning eventually you’ll meet a situation that tests your ingenuity and resolve. As the guys from OX Overland travel the Oregon trail in this episode they begin to realize what an impact an expedition of this caliber can throw your way.

— Outlaw Xpedition



The expedition begins!! The last two and a half years of planning have culminated in OX Overlands Oregon Trail Off-Road expedition. This 44 day 7000 mile journey was fillied with adventure hardship and the history of the Oregon Trail pioneers.

— Outlaw Xpedition


You can learn more about the team and pickup some swag by clicking the Outlaw Xpeditions logo.

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