The experts at Overland Kitted take a closer look at the expedition vehicle industry’s latest and greatest vehicles and equipment.

Windburner Stove System Combo | MSR

Let me start off by saying that I’m not much of a cook. My escapades have included toaster oven fires [...]

Ketzal Bags: Tool Roll-Up

There’s nothing worse than having to rummage around in a filthy bag for loose tools while doing repairs. Not only [...]

A Bushcraft Blade with a Kick

The Expedition Joe Overlander came about through serendipitous circumstances. A few months before Overland Expo East I had drawn up [...]

Gnarwhal Beacon Series | 50L Cooler

Ever since YETI first dropped their rotomolded cooler in 2006, cooler manufacturers have been looking for ways to regain market [...]
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